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Frederic Linssen is psychologist, founder and director of ILK Institute, works coach, therapist and as teacher for solution focused communication. For over 20 years, Frederic has been focusing on solution-focused communication and effective ways to help people. In 2019, his experience led to the idea of promoting change processes by regularly connecting with your individual, positive target image and literally ingesting it. The first 'image-based autosuggestive ingestion-vaccination' commercial psychological open label placebo was born.


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Frederic Linßen

With Changers [standard] you will find a number of typical topics and goals, each with a target image selected by us and a spectrum of effects outlined by us. 

Stefanie Kirschbaum 2.jpg

Stefanie Kirschbaum


Lösungsfokussiertes/systemisches Coaching, Psychotherapie (HPG), PEP®, Ich schaff´s Coach
Tätigkeitsfelder: Coaching und Psychotherapie
Praxisort: Neuss
Onlinesitzungen: Ja
Telefon: 0173 67 010 85

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Stephanie Gerarts

Arbeitspädagogin, psychologische und systemische Beraterin

Tätigkeitsfelder: Coaching und Beratung

Praxisort: Kempen

Onlinesitzungen: ja



Telefon: 0178 6738778

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