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Changers [coaching]

Changers [coaching]

With Changers [coaching] you work with trained professionals who help you develop your goals, your Changers, and your success strategy. 

  • We support you in creating your Changers and tablet tube.

    45 Min.

    120 euros
  • Where to?! Not where from?' We help you with goal & Changers creation.

    1 Std. 30 Min.

    200 euros
  • Intensive guidance to your goal (1 x 90 min. + 3 x 45 min.)

    3 Std. 45 Min.

    450 euros

Prices of the support, goalfinder and solution process packages include 30 changers and a can with a total value of 19,90 €.

  • Not quite reached your goal yet? Here you can book an extra session.

    50 Min.

    90 euros


Gift something really meaningful: Change :-)

Max. one business day after ordering you will receive the voucher code by email on a beautifully designed A4 pdf to print.


Not what you were looking for?

For inspiration & popular standard themes and motifs, visit our Changers [standard] page.

For customized Changers, please visit Changers [individual].

Changers [standard]

Changers [standard]

With Changers [standard] you will find a number of typical topics and goals, each with a target image selected by us and a spectrum of effects outlined by us. 

Changers [individual]

Changers [individual]

With Changers [individual] you build your own Changers: We print your individual target image on your Changers and you can customize the desired effects on the Changers can.

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